Woodworking Resources in the State of Indiana

foshan shunde solid wood desk furnitureMy wife has received an offer that she can not really refuse from her company. It is a big promotion with a really big pay raise and a transfer from down here in the company headquarters in Charlotte, NC to a new facility in Terre Haute, Indiana. I am wondering how this will effect me, because I am going to have to leave all of my suppliers and my customers if we do this. I am a craftsman who specializes in high end woodworking jobs. I can do a lot of different things, but I usually only do those which interest me. I tell the customers that I am good enough at what I do to be a snob about it. Most of them laugh, even though they are not so sure it is funny. Most often I work as a luthier making custome guitars and other stringed musicals.However I do need customers and I need customers who need guitars that a man can earn a living with.

I also need the highest quality wood, which I like to go and pick out myself. I am sure that Indiana has a lot of maple, but I shall need other woods as well. I am going to be extremely particular about the wood that I use and it will make no difference to me if the lumberyard workers like that or not. Here in North Carolina I have people who know what I want and set it aside for me and other craftsmen. I really hate to leave them behind and pack up my woodworking tools. However I am finding some resources that look pretty good when I search around. It turns out that Indiana has a pretty strong forestry industry and I am going to see if the lumber yards in Terre Haute are ready for me.

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