We Finally Got the House Closed

It took us about twice as long as I expected, but of course everything is a lot harder when you do not know what you are doing. At any rate we managed to get terms that we could afford and finally our friends threw us a housewarming party. That was actually pretty great, since some of them got us gifts that we could really use, like rugs and lamps and small kitchen appliances. Jennifer’s boss got us a really beautiful Asian antique cabinet, which obviously we did not need too much. Of course it was sort of a shock to the other people who know her from work, but they all know that her boss is sort of grooming her to replace her. She is getting closer and closer to retirement age and her children are not going to want to replace her. Her son is an engineer in California and her daughter works in banking in London. Neither of them is going to give up what they do to take over for her.

At any rate the house is really perfect so long as it is just Jennifer and me. If there was one more, then that could be managed. There is a loft on the second story. I would put a pool table up there if I could figure out how to do it. The stairs are very steep and there are two flights at a ninety degree angle. It is a problem that has no solution except to give up, because getting a heavy pool table up there is just not something I could do without a whole lot of help. Instead we are going to put a home office up there, one that both of us can use to work from home. They let both of us work from home a lot.

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