We Chose a Dark Flooring Color Instead of the Common Light Oak

We have been renovating our home. We got the walls done after we updated some electric and plumbing. Then we got the painting done. Now for the floors. For most of the house, we wanted Tradition Sculpture in Sutton hickory flooring. We both like that dark wood look. With the white walls, the rooms would still be bright, but not too bright. Anything lighter in colouring on the floor would make the house too bright. In the living room we got a nice big shaggy rug for in front of the television. We both find ourselves sitting on the floor with a bowl of popcorn watching a movie more than we find ourselves sitting on the furniture. My mother, when she comes over, says it is a feature of youth. Well, I do not want to lose it then.

Our house has been a busy place for a couple of months now during the renovations. We have been doing some of the work ourselves. We did the interior painting, and we pulled up all of the old carpeting and padding. We took up all the tack strips and fixed every bump and blemish on the subfloor getting ready for the installation of our Tradition Sculpture in Sutton hickory flooring. The living room is done, and it looks phenomenal. We are extremely pleased with the look. We got some samples of light oak and even some exotic wood flooring options. The Sutton hickory color fits our design style the best. I like the grain, the color and how it feels under my feet.

It also cleans up well. No dust buildup in carpeting any longer. We prefer hard surfaces to clean since we both have problems with allergies. I wore a mask while we pulled up the old carpeting. The stains underneath that you could not see on top probably harbored all kinds of mold.

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