Wallpaper Has Come a Long Way

My wife told me she had looked into wallpaper installation in Sydney, and I admit that I was taken back with that. I mean, my grandma’s house had wallpaper, and it was just not stylish at all. I imagined that wallpaper has come a long way since then, but I can’t see it beating out a nice paint job. My opinion immediately changed when she showed me the website for this company though. I had no idea that wallpaper had come as far as it had! The pictures I looked at in their gallery were simply outstanding. There is just no other way to describe them.

Some of the walls had patterns like you would expect wallpaper to typically have, but the designs are so current, so modern, that they look amazing. The colors are vivid and jump out at you, and some of them have a three dimensional aspect to them that seem to just jump right out at you. Those are amazing, but they are not even the ones that captured my attention the most. No, that honor goes to the ones that have graphics on them. Those are the ones that really blew my mind because of how detailed they are.

One was a woman’s face, but it covered an entire wall. Another was a sports car that did the same. Another was a beach scene, and the water and sand look, well, amazing. That is the only word I know to use, and it is the one that is most accurate. I was with my wife on this decision after she showed me the gallery, and I am so happy that we are getting three of the rooms in our home wallpapered. I told some friends that and they looked at me weird. I cannot wait for them to see the finished product!

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