Wall Stickers of Famous Celebrities

Wall stickers for living room | Shiny Interior Design and Decoration ...When I opened a small cafe, I didn’t do it with a specific theme in mind, but that is what happened. It ended up with a very retro feel because of the styles of furniture and dinnerware I had chosen. The only thing missing was wall decor, and I was stumped on what to do for that. I looked at quite a few magazines and catalogs, but it wasn’t until my brother made a comment that I knew what to do. He said I should get some wall stickers until I figured out what I wanted to do, just to keep the walls from looking so bare.

When he told me that, I thought it would be really cool to get some stickers of famous celebrities from past eras. Since the entire cafe has such a retro feel already, I knew that a walk down memory lane via the wall stickers would be perfect. I looked online and found a company that offers thousands of different stickers at great prices.

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