I Found a Great Company Who Had the Best Candles for My Wedding

I decided that it would take bout one year to fully plan out the wedding for my fiance and myself. I had always dreamed of having an amazing, magical wedding with many candles around during the ceremony and the reception afterward. A wedding planner said I should talk to the Creative Candle Company to get help with that. I wanted to think about what type of colors I would want to use first.

I had seen so many weddings where the colors used were very subtle. That can look very classy, but I love bright colors and I love unique things. I just wanted to do something different from anyone else. I ended up choosing pink and orange as the colors for my wedding, but I was not sure if I could find candles that would fit what I wanted.

I began thinking about a theme for my wedding, and decided that I did not want to go with anything to kitschy. I chose to instead include more flowers in my wedding than is typically found at most of them. So, rather than using them in a few places here and there, I wanted them everywhere. This is when I began to wonder if I could find candles with some sort of floral pattern on them. Remembering the candle company that I was previously told about, I called them and told them what I was looking for. An employee there asked me to stop by so that they could show me what they had done for other area weddings.

When I got there, they had an array of candles out for me to look at. They had a variety of candles that were shaped like roses. They had pillar candles that had been placed in a mold so that they looked like they were made of nothing but a bouquet of roses. I immediately ordered 300 of them on the spot in pink and orange for the big day. The search process was easier than I thought!

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