Getting Ready to Move in

I am done with most of the hard stuff right now. The old house is sold, although we still have to take care of the paper work and such before it is closed on. The new house is finished. In fact it is finished up on the top floor, but the basement is not really started yet. It is all one big room with a concrete floor. The kids took their skates when we went over there last weekend and rolled around playing roller derby. I still need to find a security system, something like what they have at is what I am going to be looking for, or at least I want something in that price range. This house is pretty much sitting off by it’s lonely self in a place where no one can watch over it. I wanted it to be like that when I built it, but of course I am going to have a little sign by the mail box to let anyone who is interested know that there is a monitored alarm system.

I am guessing that I can find a better price than nine dollars a week for a monitored system to be honest, but I am going to take my time and figure out what I can get for that. Of course I shall want a DVR and several video cameras. If there is someone at the door I would like to know who they are before I open it up to be totally honest about it. At least that is how my wife feels about it. She does not want to open the door and find out that there is an axe murderer waiting on the other side. Of course I am not sure how you know if someone is an axe murderer.

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