Daily Archives: May 12, 2017

Getting Custom Rugs in the Colors We Each Prefer

I like decorating in earth tones, and I had been having a tough time finding special pieces available in the pallet that I prefer. I finally tracked down the perfect curtains and custom rugs for renovating our home. I found throw rugs and many other pieces in the colors that I like the best. My wife likes lighter and brighter colors, and that is what we have in most rooms of our home. I got to decorate my den, or man cave, in the color and textures that I wanted for myself.

I found an online source for custom rugs to suit any style of design. They have a large selection of home improvement items to decorate your floors. We have all hardwood floors, so my wife likes having throw rugs place in different rooms as accents and to feel good under bare feet. This is especially enjoyed when getting out of bed on a cool morning to have a rug to put your feet on while you put your slippers on. In my den the hardwood floors are darker than the rest of the house. Continue reading

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