A Great Paint Job on Commercial Buildings

My company started looking for a bigger complex when we signed several major contracts within weeks of each other. The realtor we hired to help us with our search found a really great deal on a set of buildings on the outskirts of town. It would allow us the room we needed to grow, and the price was amazing. She assured us that she would be able to get us a great price because of how the exterior of the buildings looked. She also gave us information for a professional painter in Bergen County NJ who would be able to have all three buildings on the site looking great in no time.

When I went to look at the site, I was impressed with how everything was situated. It would be nice to finally have everything in one central area instead of the setup we had before we purchased these buildings. Getting them at a low price because of how they looked was just icing on the cake for us. I contacted the painter that the realtor had suggested, and I was happy with the price I was quoted for the paint job too.

I was happy that he was okay with the size of the biggest building too. It is a warehouse, and it is right around three stories tall. He explained that they have all the equipment that is needed, regardless of the height of any buildings, and I hired his company on the spot. I have not been disappointed either. The sale went through really fast, and the paint crew had all three buildings looking amazing faster than I would have believed possible. I know we won’t need them repainted for a very long time, but they are definitely going to be the ones who do it when it needs touched up again.

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