Wallpaper Has Come a Long Way

My wife told me she had looked into wallpaper installation in Sydney, and I admit that I was taken back with that. I mean, my grandma’s house had wallpaper, and it was just not stylish at all. I imagined that wallpaper has come a long way since then, but I can’t see it beating out a nice paint job. My opinion immediately changed when she showed me the website for this company though. I had no idea that wallpaper had come as far as it had! The pictures I looked at in their gallery were simply outstanding. There is just no other way to describe them.

Some of the walls had patterns like you would expect wallpaper to typically have, but the designs are so current, so modern, that they look amazing. The colors are vivid and jump out at you, and some of them have a three dimensional aspect to them that seem to just jump right out at you. Those are amazing, but they are not even the ones that captured my attention the most. Continue reading

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Getting Custom Rugs in the Colors We Each Prefer

I like decorating in earth tones, and I had been having a tough time finding special pieces available in the pallet that I prefer. I finally tracked down the perfect curtains and custom rugs for renovating our home. I found throw rugs and many other pieces in the colors that I like the best. My wife likes lighter and brighter colors, and that is what we have in most rooms of our home. I got to decorate my den, or man cave, in the color and textures that I wanted for myself.

I found an online source for custom rugs to suit any style of design. They have a large selection of home improvement items to decorate your floors. We have all hardwood floors, so my wife likes having throw rugs place in different rooms as accents and to feel good under bare feet. This is especially enjoyed when getting out of bed on a cool morning to have a rug to put your feet on while you put your slippers on. In my den the hardwood floors are darker than the rest of the house. Continue reading

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I Wanted to Upgrade My Cooking to Another Level

My grandma is the one that got me interested in cooking. I used to stand on a chair in the kitchen next to the kitchen counter and watch her intently and so many wonderful. I still love to cook today, but until recently, I didn’t have many helpful kitchen tools. So, this year, I decided to change that by purchasing a Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor that has helped to make things so much easier for me. No longer do I have to waste extra time chopping, slicing and dicing things for too long before I can start cooking an actual recipe. My grandmother would have loved one herself!

My grandfather wasn’t very much into cooking, but he loved to barbeque. He made some mean barbeque! He left the daily cooking to my grandmother because she knew how to create magic when she was in the kitchen. Watching her do it was a genuine treat, and eating her food was a delight for everyone in the family. Continue reading

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We Chose a Dark Flooring Color Instead of the Common Light Oak

We have been renovating our home. We got the walls done after we updated some electric and plumbing. Then we got the painting done. Now for the floors. For most of the house, we wanted Tradition Sculpture in Sutton hickory flooring. We both like that dark wood look. With the white walls, the rooms would still be bright, but not too bright. Anything lighter in colouring on the floor would make the house too bright. In the living room we got a nice big shaggy rug for in front of the television. We both find ourselves sitting on the floor with a bowl of popcorn watching a movie more than we find ourselves sitting on the furniture. Continue reading

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We Finally Got the House Closed

It took us about twice as long as I expected, but of course everything is a lot harder when you do not know what you are doing. At any rate we managed to get terms that we could afford and finally our friends threw us a housewarming party. That was actually pretty great, since some of them got us gifts that we could really use, like rugs and lamps and small kitchen appliances. Jennifer’s boss got us a really beautiful Asian antique cabinet, which obviously we did not need too much. Of course it was sort of a shock to the other people who know her from work, but they all know that her boss is sort of grooming her to replace her. She is getting closer and closer to retirement age and her children are not going to want to replace her. Continue reading

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A Great Paint Job on Commercial Buildings

My company started looking for a bigger complex when we signed several major contracts within weeks of each other. The realtor we hired to help us with our search found a really great deal on a set of buildings on the outskirts of town. It would allow us the room we needed to grow, and the price was amazing. She assured us that she would be able to get us a great price because of how the exterior of the buildings looked. She also gave us information for a professional painter in Bergen County NJ who would be able to have all three buildings on the site looking great in no time.

When I went to look at the site, I was impressed with how everything was situated. Continue reading

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I Found a Great Company Who Had the Best Candles for My Wedding

I decided that it would take bout one year to fully plan out the wedding for my fiance and myself. I had always dreamed of having an amazing, magical wedding with many candles around during the ceremony and the reception afterward. A wedding planner said I should talk to the Creative Candle Company to get help with that. I wanted to think about what type of colors I would want to use first.

I had seen so many weddings where the colors used were very subtle. That can look very classy, but I love bright colors and I love unique things. I just wanted to do something different from anyone else. I ended up choosing pink and orange as the colors for my wedding, but I was not sure if I could find candles that would fit what I wanted.

I began thinking about a theme for my wedding, and decided that I did not want to go with anything to kitschy. I chose to instead include more flowers in my wedding than is typically found at most of them. So, rather than using them in a few places here and there, I wanted them everywhere. This is when I began to wonder if I could find candles with some sort of floral pattern on them. Continue reading

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Getting Ready to Move in

I am done with most of the hard stuff right now. The old house is sold, although we still have to take care of the paper work and such before it is closed on. The new house is finished. In fact it is finished up on the top floor, but the basement is not really started yet. It is all one big room with a concrete floor. The kids took their skates when we went over there last weekend and rolled around playing roller derby. I still need to find a security system, something like what they have at www.home-security.co is what I am going to be looking for, or at least I want something in that price range. Continue reading

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Wall Stickers of Famous Celebrities

Wall stickers for living room | Shiny Interior Design and Decoration ...When I opened a small cafe, I didn’t do it with a specific theme in mind, but that is what happened. It ended up with a very retro feel because of the styles of furniture and dinnerware I had chosen. The only thing missing was wall decor, and I was stumped on what to do for that. I looked at quite a few magazines and catalogs, but it wasn’t until my brother made a comment that I knew what to do. He said I should get some wall stickers until I figured out what I wanted to do, just to keep the walls from looking so bare.

When he told me that, I thought it would be really cool to get some stickers of famous celebrities from past eras. Since the entire cafe has such a retro feel already, I knew that a walk down memory lane via the wall stickers would be perfect. I looked online and found a company that offers thousands of different stickers at great prices.

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Good Prices on King Sized Storage Beds

Twin Platform Beds Cappuccino Wood Bedroom | Modern Contemporary ...I want to buy a storage bed to put in my bedroom at some point in the near future. I am looking for king sized storage beds in particular, because I have a king sized bed in my room at this point in time, and it is getting a bit old, and I want to replace it with a new bed. The reason that I want a storage bed is that I do not have a whole lot of room in my house, and it would be very nice to figure out a way to get more storage in my house without actually taking up more room. As it turns out, a storage bed seems like the perfect way to accomplish this goal, and that is why I am looking for deals on them on the internet at this point in time.

I want to make sure that I find a bed that has a lot of storage drawers and can hold quite a bit of stuff. I am most likely going to use the storage contained within the bed to put clothes in, but I am not exactly sure. I need to make sure that I am able to get a king sized bed, because me and my wife have become quite accustomed to sleeping on a bed of that size, and I do not think that a smaller bed would work out at all. We have been sleeping on a king sized bed for probably 15 years now, and I do not think either of us want to change that. I really do not want to spend too much money on this bed though, because I do not have a whole lot of extra money at this point in time. With any luck I will be able to find one that is one sale.

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Woodworking Resources in the State of Indiana

foshan shunde solid wood desk furnitureMy wife has received an offer that she can not really refuse from her company. It is a big promotion with a really big pay raise and a transfer from down here in the company headquarters in Charlotte, NC to a new facility in Terre Haute, Indiana. I am wondering how this will effect me, because I am going to have to leave all of my suppliers and my customers if we do this. I am a craftsman who specializes in high end woodworking jobs. I can do a lot of different things, but I usually only do those which interest me. I tell the customers that I am good enough at what I do to be a snob about it. Continue reading

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How Wood Can Serve Your Home Improvement Needs

Solid Wood Dining Table Chippendale TC210 M 460x275Wood is often overlooked in modern and contemporary home designs. However, there is a reason it has been used to manufacture furniture for centuries! This article will prove to you that wood furnishings and accessories still look amazing in any home.

Wood lasts a really long time if you take good care of it. There is a reason why our forefathers have opted for solid wood furniture as opposed to the compressed wood/laminate pieces available today. When you are looking to purchase a dining table, wood is able to handle years of abuse and use. The laminated or faux wood dining tables are hard to care for, don’t look as good and often cost about the same as a solid wood piece of furniture.

It can easily be pointed out that wood looks good paired with any style. If you love a more natural feel to your home, wood can help you get in touch with nature. Continue reading

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